Bareskrim Failed to Distribute 44 Kg of Marijuana, 29 Kg of Meth and 1,500 Grains of Ecstasy

The Directorate of Drug Crimes Bareskrim Police revealed four cases of drug crimes with a total of 16 suspects, with evidence in the form of 44 Kilograms (Kg) of marijuana, 29 Kg of meth and 1,500 items of ecstasy.

“From August 25 to September 28, there were four cases. Everything so far we are investigating whether there is a connection as a network or not,” said Director of Drug Tipid Bareskrim Police Brig. Gen. Krisno Halomoan Siregar in a press conference in his office, South Jakarta, Monday (04/10/2021).

Krisno explained, the first case during disclosure in cikupa area, Tangerang regency, in cooperation with Customs. In this case, the officer secured evidence of 500 grams of meth and 200 items of ecstasy.

“From the suspected three people of this network, all of our development we received from our Customs development and managed to arrest three people initials PSP, P and SR,” Krisno said.

Then the second case, with a crime scene in Utan Kayu, East Jakarta with one suspect who is an online courier, USA.

“Barbuk 1,300 items of ecstasy or weigh 532.96 grams gross. Suspect arrested 1 U.S. The job of the private employee he is an online courier or ojek online taxi driver and we are looking for the controller initials PCB that controls the concerned, “said Krisno.

Third, officers seized 47 kilograms of marijuana from the Mandailing Natal and Padang networks. Seven suspects were arrested in Bogor, West Java.

“And the suspect was arrested seven people we cooperated with the West Sumatra Police to arrest the controller so seven people and we are still developing for the source of which field this came from. We can do that,” Krisno said.

And lastly, police seized 29 kilograms of meth and arrested five suspects. It was after the authorities conducted surveillance on suspects starting from the Sumatra region.

“Where we did the trailing from Sumatra Island until last in one of the serang area hotels we arrested two people Tsk R and WMP and the recipient in Jakarta NHF hotel, and the controller in Aceh initials HS.

We cooperated with the Aceh Police, and lastly we arrested the controller in Jakarta initials E,” krisno said.

“And we continue to develop because this HS we suspect is, which has been controlled for transportation from Aceh. And the information from Malaysia we are still in cooperation with our colleagues from PDRM for its development,” krisno continued.

For their actions, they are suspected of violating Article 114 paragraph (2) of Indonesian Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. And subsidair Article 112 Paragraph (2) of Indonesian Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics.


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