Conflict 2 Groups in Papua, 1 Person Reported Killed and 10 Injured

Conflict between tribes again occurred in Papua involving two groups, namely from Yali and from Kimyal. The incident precisely occurred in Dekai District, Kab. Yahukimo on Sunday (3/10) yesterday.

Papua Police Public Relations Chief Kombes Pol AM Kamal said a group of people from the Kimyal tribe attacked the Yali tribe. The cause is thought to be related to the news of the death of the former Regent of Yahukimo named Abock Busup.

The news is associated with certain things so that there is an attack. However, the police did not want to reveal it.

“The attack occurred in connection with the sad news received by the Kimyal people for the death of former Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup M.A,” Kamal said in a statement on Monday (4/10).

Kamal said as many as 52 people were suspected of being the masterminds of the Kimyal group’s riots and resulted in 1,000 yali people displaced.

“Yahukimo police managed to secure 52 suspected perpetrators,” Kamal said.

Furthermore, Kamal said, there was one person from the Yali group killed, and 10 others were injured.

“In the riot there was 1 victim who died in the name of Yaset Yahuli,” he concluded.

Here are the data of 10 residents of the Yali group who reported injuries:

  1. Selina Sobolim (40), Female, resident of Jalan Gunung (hit by an arrow in the right waist);
  2. Yusuf Mulama, Male, mountain road resident (hit by an arrow on the left right translucent nose);
  3. Hosea sobolim (40), Male, resident of Jalan Jenderal Sudirman (hit by an arrow on the back);
  4. Anes Sobolim (45), Male, resident of Jalan Gunung (hit by stone throw);
  5. Dekius Kobak (30), Male, resident of Jalan Kurima (hit by an arrow on the back);
  6. Atius Balingga (45), Male, resident of Jalan Gunung, (hit by a rear pungung arrow);
  7. Kiname Kobak (47), Male, resident of Jalan Gunun (hit by an arrow on the back);
  8. Hengki Mohi (50), Male, a resident of Jalan Gunung (hit by the arrow of the back and right hand);
  9. Darius Kobak, (35), Male, Gunung Road Resident (hit by the back arrow);
  10. Maus Payage (30), Male, a resident of Jalan Gunung (hit by a back arrow).