Cyber Crime Activity on Telegram Increases

The development of existing technology can make business people do digital marketing strategists and buying and selling transactions on various platforms available. No exception, the application to send chat messages. One of them is the Telegram app.

That said, Telegram has many advantages over other online chat applications that you usually use. Because, various features in it can make your work in running a business easier.

Telegram originated in Russia and was introduced on August 14, 2013.

A recent report showed that Telegram’s encryption and ease of access made the chat platform widely used by cybercriminals.

The Financial Times (FT) and Cyberint report found there was a more than 100 per cent increase in the use of Telegram by cybercriminals.

“Encrypted messaging services are growing in popularity among threat actors who commit fraudulent activity and sell stolen data,” cyber threat analyst Tal Samra said.

“It (encrypted messaging service) is more comfortable to use than the dark web,” Samra said as reported by Engadget, Tuesday (09/21/2021).

Samra also added, in addition to being more comfortable than the dark web, Telegram is also considered less likely to be supervised by the authorities.

The report found that the amount of criminal activity on the Telegram app soared after changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

Previously, WhatsApp users had protested the facebook-owned application’s policy. WhatsApp is asking its users to accept policies that allow them to share data with Facebook.

WhatsApp also clarified that they will not be able to read the personal communications of its users, although not a few people choose to migrate to Telegram.

In the FT and Cyberint report, it found a large network of hackers who shared and sold data leaks on Telegram channels with tens of thousands of subscribers.

They revealed that there have been many “email:pass” and “combos” mentioned in the app over the past year. That number has reportedly quadrupled.

There is also a dump of data circulating on Telegram and contains 300 thousand to 600 combinations of email and passwords for games and emails.

In addition, cybercriminals also sell financial information such as credit card numbers, passport copies, and hacking tools through the application.

Telegram claims to have deleted the channel, where a large set of data including emails and passwords is sold. The removal comes after the FT reported their findings to the company.

Telegram also said it “has a policy of deleting personal data shared without consent.”

Telegram also claimed to have “a growing ability of professional moderators” who remove 10,000 public communities every day, for violating its terms and conditions.