Exploring Nepal Van Java Tourist Village, Magelang, Indonesia

The term Nepal van Java has recently resonated in the realm of the Indonesian tourism industry. Because of its identical beauty with the countryside in Nepal, Dusun Butuh located on the slopes of Mount Sumbing is the highlight of domestic and foreign tourists.

Nepal van Java is located in Dusun Butuh, Temanggung Village, Kaliangkrik Subdistrict, Magelang Regency, Central Java. Dusun Butuh is the highest hamlet in Magelang Regency, which is with an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level. So that when we visit will feel the clean, beautiful, and cool air.

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Why is it called Nepal van Java?

The nickname is given because of the location of this tourist village which is on the slopes of Nepal Van Java Tourist Village, and the houses of its residents look piled typical of housing in the country of Nepal.

In fact, when the weather is sunny we can see directly the beauty of Mount Sumbing which is the background of Dusun Butuh.

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So what can be done by traveling there?

The main thing is to explore the village. We can go around the village and feel the atmosphere of Dusun Butuh which is beautiful and friendly. There is no harm in also following the daily activities of the people of Dusun Butuh, namely farming. Grow crops or pick their own vegetables in Dusun Butuh.

Nepal van Java also features various Instagramable spots that we can use to take pictures and share them on social media. Some of these places are in Gapura Dusun, Teras Nepal, Taman Depok, Teras Masjid, to Gapura Pendakian.

After tired of exploring the village, there are also coffee shops offering beautiful views 360 degrees. Including if you want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, dusun tourist village needs to have several comfortable homestays to be a place to rest, while waiting for the time the sun starts to cool.

There are a number of homestays. The price varies from Rp150 thousand to Rp300 thousand which can be inhabited between one and 10 visitors. Some tours around Nepal van Java are also no less interesting. From waterfalls, temples to other natural attractions.

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Route to Nepal van Java

To go to Nepal van Java there are two routes that we can choose, namely through Yogyakarta and Semarang. The difference is, if from Yogyakarta we need about 2 hours. Whereas if from Semarang and using the toll road, we need about 2.5 hours drive.

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If you have started entering Magelang City, follow the path to Kaliangkrik Market, which is about 12 kilometers away. From the market we follow the road until we arrive at The Village Elementary School Temanggung.

Then take the right, and climb about 6 kilometers towards the Cleft basecamp through Dusun Butuh, Kaliangkrik. Later we can find the location of Nepal van Java, about 400-500 meters before the basecamp of Mount Sumbing via Butuh Kaliangkrik.