Forkopimda Jatim Supports East Java Athletes Competing in PON XX Papua

Forkopimda Jatim, Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa, Pangdam V Brawijaya Major General TNI Suharyanto and Jatim Police Chief Irjen Pol Nico Afinta, provided support to east Java contingent athletes competing in PON XX Papua.

Forkopimda Jatim accompanied by chairman Koni Jatim visited 3 east Java athletes’ lodging locations from skate sports at IAIN Fattahul Muluk, sepak takraw in Mahkota bayur indah Jayapura hotel as well as rowing, swimming, screen and surfing in Lantamal X Jayapura.

During his visit, Forkopimda east Java gave encouragement and support and thanks to all Jatim contingent athletes, coaches and all officials who contributed to the struggle of the east Java contingent in the PON XX match in Papua.

“All have made efforts and this is the part that participates in the success of the entire implementation of PON XX. The implementation of PON XX, must be a part that can provide a sense of security, calm and tranquility, the successful pound is safe and smooth,” explained the Governor of Jatim, while providing encouragement for Jatim athletes, Sunday (09/03/2021).

“We hope that East Java can successfully achieve achievements as high as possible,” he added.

Meanwhile, Pangdam V Brawijaya Major General TNI Suharyanto, hopes that this already good achievement, will be able to get medals, there are still many matches, we believe the Jatim contingent can achieve.

“Of all forkopimda indonesia who attended fully encouraging the contingent athletes only forkopimda jatim, there is a governor, there is pangda, there is a police chief. Hopefully this will be a positive energy. We all pray, hopefully the athletes can compete as well as possible, hopefully success,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Jatim Police Chief, Irjen Pol Nico Afinta said, we jatim police ranks together with forkopimda pray and support teak contingent athletes who compete in PON XX Papua.

“We all pray and hope that all athletes stay healthy, go home healthy. And brotherhood to all provinces can be maintained, maintain cohesiveness, we are proud to be present in the middle here to provide support, for athletes who want to make driver’s licenses later the jatim police will improve and for outstanding athletes who want to become members of the police both men and women will be given special recommendations of achievement pathways” said The National Police Chief.

When forkopimda jatim visited the athletes cabor rowing, swimming, screen and surfing in Lantamal X Jayapura was welcomed by Danlantamal X Jayapura Marine Colonel Feryanto Pardamean Marpaung, during the meeting at the same time there was a small reunion and laughter and command greetings between Danlantamal X Jayapura Marine Colonel Feryanto Pardamean Marpaung with The Police Chief Irjen Pol Nico Afinta who is both alumni of Sma 2 Surabaya.


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