Gantari: The Final Journey to Java, Presents The Masterpiece of Batik Nusantara Charm

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy together with LAKON Indonesia and Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JF3) will hold a fashion show Gantari: The Final Journey to Java, Saturday (9/10) at 19:30 WIB.

In the event held to enliven National Batik Day as well as the closing of the JF3 2021 series of events, we can see masterpieces from batik craftsmen.

This activity is a continuation of the Pakaiankoe fashion show that has been held on November 15, 2020 at SCBD, Jakarta.

The difference is, LAKON Indonesia this time will present a more mature collection, in the form of 100 ready-to-wear clothes exhibited by 100 models.

Various collections that will be displayed will lift the work of professional craftsmen, in the form of batik fabrics, jumputans, and striated weaving with natural fiber materials that are very suitable for the tropical climate of Indonesia.

All the fabrics are the result of lakon Indonesia collaboration with craftsmen in Java.

These craftsmen were not only fostered, but also helped to conduct various experiments, given new knowledge and insights to produce better works.

“We also want to convey the spirit that this pandemic does not weaken, but rather unites us to be able to move together in making reforms that will continue to strengthen Indonesia,” said Thresia Mareta, founder of LAKON Indonesia.

A series of interesting events held offline and online will also be presented, such as the ‘Metamorphose’ presentation video and the leather puppet show.

The offline event will be held at Prambanan Temple complex, Yogyakarta Special Region by limiting the number of spectators and implementing strict health protocols.

For online events will be aired through the Instagram account OF LAKON Indonesia, Pesona Indonesia (@pesonaid_travel) as well as the Youtube channel LAKON Indonesia and Kemenparekraf.

Take note of the time and don’t miss it! On Saturday, October 9, 2021, at 7:30 p.m.

To be present in person at Prambanan Temple, make sure it is vaccine and do not forget to always adhere to health protocols by applying 6M, ranging from using masks properly, washing hands with soap, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, limiting mobility, and avoiding eating together.