Google Meet Presents Automatic Brightness Feature

Google Meet is a competitor to the video conferencing platform Zoom today. The two applications have now become an important part of society, both for work meetings, schools to just talk in the current pandemic.

To improve the quality of service, Google Meet continues to develop new innovations so that its users feel at home using the platform.

The web version of Google Meet will bring automatic brightness adjustment features for users.

Google Meet on the web now automatically detects when users look less bright.

Google Meet users who lack lighting will see commands to enable and increase visibility.

Users who lack lighting will be able to see commands to enable and increase visibility through the new Google Meet feature.

Last year, Google Meet released a similar low-light mode for mobile app users on iOS and Android.

The new feature for Google Meet uses artificial intelligence to check light levels and adjust brightness.

Available in the Coming Weeks

With this feature, admin controls are not needed even though users can turn them off. Google acknowledged that the use of that mode could potentially slow down the device it uses.

This feature will be present for all Workspace users as well as those who use basic G Suite or business.

Users will be able to control “Adjust video lighting” from the More and Settings options, and select Video. The feature will be fully available in the coming weeks.

Animation Features in Google Meet

Previously, Google rolled out updates for the Meet app on Android and iOS. Through this update, Google added features to bring a more enjoyable video conference experience.

Now Google Meet allows users to use filters or animations when making video calls. So, users can take advantage of it to make richer video calls.

“Add cats, astronauts, jellyfish and more to your Meet call. New filters, masks, and effects are now available on Meet for Android and iOS,” Google tweeted.

Stickers and new animations can be accessed through the Effects menu at the bottom of the screen when making a Google Meet call. Then the user will find styles and filters options, in addition to blur effect and background.

For styles options, users can give a color flare effect when making a call. While with filters, users can paste a mask or virtual accessories when calling via Google Meet.

Currently, both features have started rolling and can be used. Not only access through the Google Meet application, both of these features are also available to conduct meetings through Gmail.