Google Workspace, Google’s Way to Provide the Best Service for Users

Google Workspace is Google’s way of providing the best service for users. Google Workspace, which we used to know as Google G Suite, is a paid service as a means for businesses, companies and so on to increase productivity.

Google Workspace is complete with a number of other Google applications, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sheets, and Meet.

A number of applications are actually already available for free users. The advantage is that all applications in Google Workspace are more integrated and there are additional features to make it easier for users to work with colleagues.

Examples of integration here are Google Chat, Meets, and Room services which can be directly accessed in the Gmail menu.

“We’ve delivered innovations that bring content, communication and work together to help millions of businesses, nonprofits, and classes transform the way they collaborate, optimize time, and make more impact. Now we’re bringing the same innovation to everyone. today, all Google Workspace features are available to anyone with a Google Account.” Write Google in its official page.

According to Google, innovation is a way to optimize time and provide greater impact for users.

“Efficiency is everything. We are working to add useful features that make it easier to complete your most important work,” Google wrote on its official page.

Even cooler, there is a mentioning @name feature in the G Workspace document application. If the user mentions someone else’s @name, later, that person’s information will appear when the cursor hovers over that name.

Google assures users that Google Workspace is very safe for users. The reason is because it has a level of security and the protection of personal data always remains safe.

Complete with document preview feature as another form of integration. To run the feature Google Workspace. Previously, users had to open or download a document from Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

As Google stated on its official page, with Workspace, users can know the contents of the document only with a preview, without having to open a new tab.

Initially, Workspace was only for paid users. But now, the Google service is available for all Google account users for free. This is all the result of Google integration so enjoy the features and convenience.

In April, Google integrated the Google Meet feature, and provided early access to the Chat and Rooms features in the Gmail application for free users.

There are 3 Google services that are useful for supporting communication and collaboration with other Google users.

Now all three have been integrated, so that all free Google account users on the web and application versions of Gmail can enjoy the service.

The Chat and Rooms feature itself allows Gmail users to chat with business colleagues, give assignments, to create reminders on Google Calendar in groups directly.

Not only that, the Chat and Rooms feature also allows users to share files in various formats. Starting from docx, pdf, png, to documents from Google Workspace services such as docs, spreadsheets, slides, forms, and so on.

Interestingly, when users share the G Workspace document link, users can access it directly from the Chat feature in the web version of Gmail, without the need to leave Gmail.

In fact, users can also access and edit the Google Workspace file directly from the Gmail Chat.

How to activate the Chat and Rooms features

These two features are already available and can be enjoyed by all Google account owners, both free and subscribed. To be able to enjoy this feature, users need to activate it manually first.

For the web version of Gmail, users can get the Chat and Rooms feature in Gmail web by enabling it in “settings” > “see all settings” > “Chat and Meet”. Then in the “chat” settings section, change the option from “Classics Hangouts” to “Google Chat”.

For the Gmail application version, users just go to “settings” > click the desired gmail account > “general” > check the “Chat” option.

Google’s Senior Product Director, Sanaz Ahari explained that the basic idea of ​​integrating Chat and Room in Gmail is to support the need for integrated communication.

Sanaz gave an example, If a user receives an e-mail in Gmail, and wants to continue discussing the chat in that e-mail directly in a group, the user can immediately switch to the Chat and Rooms feature.

If from the group chat it is necessary to hold a meeting. Users can instantly hold meetings via Google Meet, which is also integrated with Gmail.

Google also announced that it will change the name of Room to Spaces. Basically Spaces also have the same role as Rooms.

However, Google promises to bring more emojis, moderation tools, and improve messaging capabilities through “Spaces”, as compiled from The Verge, Tuesday (15/6/2021).


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