History of the 28 October Youth Oath

October 28 is celebrated as Youth Oath Day. Youth Oath Day originally began in 1928 which is the result of the formulation of the Second Youth Congress of Indonesia.

The momentum is believed to be a driver of the spirit of the youth to free themselves from Dutch colonialism at that time.

The history of the Youth Oath originated from the PPPI youth organization. This organization consists of students from all indonesian youth. On their initiative, the congress was held in three different buildings. The implementation of the congress was divided into three meetings to produce the contents of the Youth Oath.

At the first meeting, the meeting was held at the Katholieke Jongenlingen Bond (KJB) building on Saturday, October 27, 1928.

In his speech, soegondo youth leaders hoped that the congress could strengthen the spirit of youth.

Moehammad Jamin displays the meaning and relationship of unity with youth. According to him, there are five factors that can strengthen the unity of Indonesia. The five are history, language, customary law, education and willpower.

The second meeting for the discussion of the contents of the Youth Oath continued on Sunday, October 28, 1928, at the Oost-Java Bioscoop building. The meeting discussed education issues and also presented Poernomosoelan and Sarmidi Mangoensarkoro as speakers.

In the meeting, they argued that Indonesian children should get a national education, get a balance between education in school and home, and should be educated democratically.

Furthermore, the meeting continued at the Indonesische Clubhuis Kramat building. At that time, Soenario explained the importance of nationalism and democracy in addition to the scouting movement.

Meanwhile, ramelan youth figures said, the scouting movement cannot be separated from the national movement.

According to him, the scouting movement is needed early on to educate and discipline children. Before the contents of the Youth Oath were read, the meeting ended by listening to the song Indonesia Raya by Wage Rudolf Supratman.

Until finally, the meeting closed and announced the results of the congress for 3 days. At that time, the youth who attended read the contents of the Youth Oath, so that until now it is still remembered and commemorated every year.

Contents of Youth Oath

The contents of the Youth Oath began from a meeting of the Indonesian Students Association (PPPI). At that time Indonesian youth met with various organizations and read the verdict of the Youth Oath Congress.

From the meeting, formed the contents of the Youth Oath which until now commemorated and recited at the ceremony. Referring to the Kemdikbud website, the following is the content of the Youth Oath:

Pertama, kami Putra-Putri Indonesia, mengaku bertumpah darah yang satu, tanah Indonesia
Kedua, kami Putra-Putri Indonesia, mengaku berbangsa yang satu, bangsa Indonesia
Ketiga, kami Putra-Putri Indonesia, menjunjung bahasa persatuan, bahasa Indonesia