Incredible The Papua, The Story of Pig Breeders Assisted by The Binmas Noken Who Are Now Prosperous || Papua – INP’s Public Relations Division Team Observes the Assisted Farms of the INPNoken in Mimika, starting with two pairs, developing to 42 pairs

The National Police’s Public Relations Division Team, who are members of the Nemangkawi Operation, conducted a direct survey of pigs in Kyamki Narama, Mimika Regency. The review results showed that pig breeders were successful thanks to the assistance of the INPNoken, Thursday (18/03/21).

Police Superintendent Dr. Arief Fajar Satria, S.H., S.I.K., M.H., together with the Police Public Relations Division Team to directly observe pigs managed by one of the breeder groups named Lenius Jikwa, assisted by Binmas Noken INP, who is in Kyamki Narama, Mimika Regency.

“The activity of a visit to the INPNoken Binmas fostered farm located in Kyamki Narama Kab. Mimika Papua, where Mr. Lenius is one of the National Police’s Noken Guidance, let’s see together, “said Police Superintendent Arief.

Lenius Jikwa is a pig breeder since 2018 who has successfully cultivated livestock.

Police Superintendent Arief said that this was one of Binmas Noken’s successes in fostering pig breeders in Mimika. Police Superintendent Arief said, starting with the two pairs of livestock given by INP Binmas Noken, it has now become 42 pairs.