It was discovered that the East Java Regional Police Secured Two Balinese Citizens of a Plan to Smuggle Fake Dollars of Rp. 21 Billion || SurabayaThe East Java Regional Police succeeded in securing two Balinese citizens who planned to smuggle 15 thousand fake US dollars of 100 dollar bills or IDR 21 billion.

The two perpetrators were Wayan Widana (42) and Sang Made Jamin (56). Both are from Bali. The two perpetrators were arrested at Jalan Penghela, Surabaya on 21 December.

“It was revealed that the two perpetrators wanted to try to enter the bank. But it did not work,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Surabaya Police, AKBP Oki Ahadian when released at the Surabaya Police Headquarters, Monday (8/3/2021)

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Surabaya Police explained that when the perpetrator wanted to put his dollar into a bank, the suspicious bank officer finally conducted an investigation. And it turned out to be true, the dollar bill was fake, then the officers contacted the police.

“This money wants to be put into the bank, from the suspect’s confession, he wants to be exchanged for securities, bonds or something,” said the Head of the Surabaya Police Reskrim.

Meanwhile Wakasat Reskrim Surabaya Police Commissioner Abumka Yudha said the two perpetrators initially brought fake US dollars in 100 dollars from Bali at the orders of another perpetrator with the initials AA in Surabaya. They carry fake dollars overland.

“So, they admitted that they were ordered by their friends to deliver counterfeit dollar bills to Surabaya. Because the friend claimed to have an acquaintance with the bank. They boarded the plane, while the counterfeit dollar bills were sent by land,” explained Commissioner Abumka Yudha.

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