Leaders in Eras Generation Z, Minister Suharso said this

MataMataDot.com || Jakarta – Minister of National Development Planning, Suharso Monoarfa, said there are several youth potentials that need to be optimized.

This was said when he was one of the speakers at the Road to Z Future Leader Event, with the theme “Meeting Independence Day in the style of Gen Z”, Wednesday (18/08/2021).

The potentials explained by the Minister include spiritual potential, intellectual potential, emotional potential, and physical potential.

On that occasion, the Minister also explained that digital transformation causes disruption in the job market. Therefore, according to him, it is necessary to increase youth skills.

One of them, the Minister assessed that youth need to adapt to changes and the way businesses adapt.

“Businesses that recover quickly are those that quickly take lessons from the pandemic and re-run factories with a focus on change in creativity,” said the Minister.

“Businesses need to adapt to systems and work environments that are not in direct contact that use digital and technology to boost worker productivity,” he continued.

The Minister also revealed that innovation is the key to success, because the industry is faced with changes in the cost structure due to automation and digitization.

In addition, the Minister emphasized the need for reskilling and upskilling. The Covid-19 crisis and the subsequent shift to hybrid work models is accelerating the need for new workforce skills, particularly advanced social, emotional and cognitive abilities.

“In this era of accelerating change, adaptability is not only possible but must be fostered,” he said.

Closing his presentation, the Minister explained the leadership character needed by Gen Z. First, the digital mindset, namely the use of technology for effectiveness and efficiency.

Second, Brave to be Different, which is the courage to innovate, both in thinking, making policies and appearances.

Third, inclusive, which does not act as a boss but can act as a leader, mentor and friend.

Fourth, observers and active listeners, namely proximity to millennials directly or through social media. Fifth, Agile, which is quick to adapt and responsive to changes.

Wednesday, August, 18th 2021
Public Communications Team
Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas

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