Minister Suharso Provides Briefing in Regional Head Leadership Training

MataMataDot.com || Jakarta – Minister of National Development Planning, Suharso Monoarfa, was a speaker at the briefing of Regional Government Leadership for Regents/Mayors and Deputy Regents/Deputy Mayors of the Results of the 2020 Simultaneous Regional Head Elections, Thursday (2/9/2021).

One of the things the Minister Suharso conveyed was about strengthening social resilience and community empowerment in an integrated manner. The Minister gave an example of various empowerment programs in villages that have been running until now.

First, the Disaster Resilient Village Program, this program aims to give the community the ability to understand disaster risks such as floods, landslides, forest and land fires, as well as the ability to respond and take action through DRR forums, socialization, and post-disaster volunteers.

Second, the Tough Coastal Village Program aims to give the community the ability to respond and take actions such as planting mangroves, determining sailing times, and building simple embankments.

Third, the Food Independent Village Program aims for the community to have the ability to respond and take actions such as food barns, buffer stocks, and intercropping.

Fourth, the Community Care for Fire and Climate Villages Program aims to empower communities to respond and take actions such as forest patrols, fire detection, ditches and water reservoirs.

Fifth, the Tourism Village Program is the initiation of disaster-resilient thematic villages for education and participation. Sixth, the Energy Independent Village Program is an alternative energy initiative that aims to make simple hydropower, simple biogas, to anticipate emergency conditions.

Seventh, the Active Alert Village Program aims to enable the community to understand health risks and their responses. This program also provides health services such as Poskesdes, village health cadres and implementation of PHBS.

Eighth, the Covid Resilient Village Program is a village command system. Volunteers are asked to prepare guidebooks, implement health protocols, and socialize. This program aims to make the community understand the risks and vulnerabilities.