Mount Bawakaraeng: The Coolest Mountain in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Mount Bawakaraeng is located in Gowa district of South Sulawesi, with a height of 2,700 meters above sea level. Visitors call this mountain peak as the coolest point in South Sulawesi.

In addition, there is also the Ramma Valley which is a vast expanse of plains with views of green hills around the world.

Mount Bawakaraeng for the surrounding community has its own meaning. Carry the meaning of the mouth, Karaeng means God. So Mount Bawakaraeng is interpreted as the Mountain of God’s Mouth. Syncretism in the area around the mountain believes Mount Bawakaraeng as a meeting place for the guardians.

Mount Bawakaraeng is a series of Lompobattang Mountains in South Sulawesi. Green trees typical of tropical forest plants grow densely enveloping Mount Bawakaraeng.

Various types of plants with scattered flowers typical as if to be natural makeup. Its natural charm exudes the beauty of a very amazing tropical forest.

No wonder Mount Bawakaraeng becomes one of the mountains of choice for climbers from South Sulawesi.

The panorama of the beauty of Mount Bawakaraeng is not only that. There is still Lake Tanralili which beautifully matches the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo.

This lake is also known as the Loe Valley because it is located in a valley surrounded by towering high cliffs.

Although this lake is very beautiful, but the Ramma Valley is a favorite destination for climbers when climbing Mount Bawakaraeng.

Syncretism adherents in the area around this mountain believe Mount Bawakaraeng as a meeting place for the guardians. They also perform hajj at the top of Lompobattang (Mount Bawakaraeng Peak) every hajj period or month of Zulhijjah to coincide with the hajj season in the Holy Land, Mecca.