Nigerian Citizen Commits Black Dollar Fraud, Has an Office in Indonesia

South Jakarta Metro Police arrested a foreign national (WNA) from Nigeria initials MA (32) related to alleged fraud.

South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Azis Andriansyah said the suspect committed fraud by selling Black Dollars.

“The person concerned is looking for a business opportunity, then there is one social media communication network that offers business opportunities, namely a package containing suspected Black Dollar,” Azis said when releasing the case at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Monday (10/25/2021).

The Nigerian national then searched for his victims through social media.

He offered Black Dollars to the victims.

“He offered to the victim that this Black Dollar came from a foreign country that could be smuggled into Indonesia,” Azis said.

Afterwards, Azis continued, the suspect offered a package of USD 185 thousand.

The victim was asked to transfer money to the suspect’s account to be able to get the black dollars.

“Because of the confidence, the victim then sent money as much as Rp 185 million in two stages. Rp 100 million and Rp 85 million on the same day,” he said.

However, after transferring hundreds of millions of Rupiah, the victim did not get the promised black dollar.

In fact, previously the victim and the perpetrator had agreed to meet somewhere.

“Eventually the victim began to realize that he was deceived. Then he felt deceived, then he reported to the South Jakarta police station,” Azis said.

When launching his action, MA assisted his wife and sister-in-law who is an Indonesian citizen (WNI) initials DA (32) and HL (21).

In this case, the police seized a number of evidence in the form of Rp 19 million, 6 mobile phones, 16 savings books, as well as a number of ATMs and identity cards.

For his actions, the three suspects were charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code on fraud with the threat of a maximum penalty of 4 years in prison.

Foreign nationals (WNA) from Nigeria initials MA, suspected of fraud by selling counterfeit dollar material or black dollars, allegedly belonged to an international syndicate.

It was discovered after South Jakarta Metro Police investigators examined digital transactions on the suspect’s laptop.

“After we opened some of the communication tools concerned, there was a laptop there, there were many transactions, including in the account concerned,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Pol Azis Andriansyah when releasing the case, Monday (10/25/2021).

Azis said, other alleged fraud victims who were harmed by the MA’s actions came from Asia, precisely the Philippines and Thailand.

“There are (alleged victims) in other countries such as Thailand, the Philippines. It’s likely that they’re doing the same mode,” he said.

South Jakarta Metro Police coordinates with immigration authorities related to the arrest of foreign nationals (WNA) initials MA (30).

MA was arrested for alleged fraud by selling Black Dollars.

To the police, MA who has been designated as a suspect claimed to have lived in Indonesia for 3 years.

South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Azis Andriansyah said it was coordinating with immigration to check MA’s confession.

“We are coordinating with immigration. How they enter, legal or illegal, and how long,” said Azis at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Monday (10/25/2021).

“But while from the oral confession in question, he claimed to have been 3 years in Indonesia,” he added.

Police are still hunting for one fraudster with the mode of selling black dollars.

Previously, the South Jakarta Metro Police had arrested three suspects.

The three were arrested in Jakarta and South Tangerang (Tangsel).

One of them is a foreign national (WNA) from Nigeria initials MA (30).

“The brain of the perpetrator has been arrested, and there is still one more DPO,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Pol Azis Andriansyah when releasing the case, Monday (10/25/2021).

Azis said the perpetrators who were on the list of theft people (DPO) were also from Nigeria.

“Same, Nigeria too. It’s their role this same. Sometimes they are the main perpetrators, sometimes help, sometimes the opposite is the same,” he said.