Pilot Project to Import Electricity from Indonesia to Singapore

Medco Power Indonesia (MPI) together with the Consortium of Pacific Light Power Pte Ltd (PLP) and Gallant Venture Ltd, which is part of the Salim Group, will develop a pilot project to import electricity using Solar Power Plants (PLTS) from Indonesia to Singapore in Pulau Bulan, Riau Islands Province after receiving a Principle Permit for electricity imports from Singapore’s Energy Market Authority (EMA).

The project has a capacity of 670 MWp as an initial stage, which will provide electricity equivalent to 100 MW of nonintermittent to Singapore.

This is in line with the Singapore Government’s plan to implement the Singapore Green Plan 2030 program to increase the share of renewable energy.

The consortium signed the Joint Development Agreement during the Singapore International Energy Week event on October 25, 2021 attended by Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Singapore’s Minister of Manpower/Second Minister of Trade and Industry, Indonesia’s Ambassador to Singapore, and ema’s Chief Executive.

“As one of the largest Independent Electricity Producers (IPP) in Indonesia with a commitment to Clean and Renewable Energy (EBT), we have experience in developing EBT plant projects, such as Sarulla PLTP, Ijen PLTP, and Sumbawa PLTS to support our mine operations. We welcome the cooperation with PLP and Salim Group in developing the Moon Island PLTS Project,” said Medco Power CEO, Eka Satria, in an official statement on Tuesday (26/10).

For Indonesia, he added, this project will bring many benefits, including increasing investment in EBT, opportunities for increased employment and related industries.

Meanwhile, MedcoEnergi CEO Roberto Lorato said the project is part of MedcoEnergi’s commitment to climate change and plans to develop a renewable energy portfolio.

Singapore plans to import up to 4 Gigawatts (GW) of electricity (4,000 Megawatts)(MW) to tackle the long-term electricity crisis. The crisis follows limited natural gas supplies for power plants.

The Energy Market Autorithy Authority (EMA) on Monday revealed that the 4 GW electricity supply covers 30 percent of Singapore’s total electricity needs. The needs that will be imported, is a projection until 2035.

Although the huge opportunity to supply electricity to Singapore is wide open, it is required of non-carbon primary energy, including coal. The country is currently working to reduce carbon emissions.

Earlier, three Singaporean power companies had operations due to the gas supply crisis, including from Indonesia. The three companies are Ohm Energy, iSwitch Energy, and SilverCloud Energy.

Unlike in Indonesia which is only supplied by PLN, Singapore customers can choose a company to supply their electricity needs.


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