Police Investigate Cause of LRT Train Collision in East Jakarta

Police conduct an investigation related to the collision of Light Rail Transit (LRT) train on the Munjul Overpass, Cibubur, East Jakarta, Monday (10/25/2021). Currently both LRT train lines have been closed tarpaulin.

“Still deepening,” said Kanit Laka Polres Metro Jakarta Timur AKP Teguh.

Head of The East Jakarta Fire and Rescue Service’s Tribal Operations Section Gatot Sulaeman confirmed that there were no fatalities in the Jabodebek LRT train accident incident on the tracks above the Jagorawi Toll Road KM 12/600, Cipayung, Monday (10/25/2021).

“The train was empty (with no passengers) and there were no fatalities, and is currently being evacuated by the LRT team,” Gatot said.

Gatot said the driver also survived. However, he could not provide detailed information about the chronology of the accident.

As a result of the collision, the train carriage appeared to be destroyed.

Local resident Eman Sulaeman, 32, said the accident happened at 12:30 a.m.

He learned of the accident while on the side of the highway.

Monitoring at the location, currently both LRT train series have been closed with orange tarpaulin. Officers were seen on the tracks to help with the evacuation process.


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