Recommendation 5 Games Made by Indonesian Children

Not only the lovers are many, but the country’s gaming industry also continues to grow. Not inferior to other countries, the nation’s children are also able to create exciting games that can be played.

If curious, here are some recommendations for games made by the nation’s children, reported from the Twitter account of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo), Tuesday (08/24/2021).

When The Past Was Around

This game is suitable for those who like the genre of simple puzzles and has a touching storyline. The game was created by Mojiken Studio. This adventure game centers on a character named Eda, who will invite his players to solve puzzles and bring into the story the love, loss, and sincerity that goes away.

When The Past Was Around bisa dimainkan di PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, dan Xbox One

What Comes After

Still around the game with a storyline, this game made by Fahmitsu revolves around afterlife. There’s a lot to learn from the interaction of Vivi, the game’s main character, with other characters.

In this game, Vivi awakens in a chariot containing the souls of many dead creatures. Players are asked to escort Vivi back from the lost spot while following an emotional story.

What Comes After can be played on Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC.

Rocky Rampage

Buat yang cuma suka main game di HP Android, game sederhana dari Joyseed Gametribe ini juga direkomendasikan. Sederhana, tapi lumayan bikin nagih karena ada upgrade dan konten-konten yang available.

Dalam game tersebut, diceritakan Wonderpants milik Mr. Boulder dicuri oleh musuhnya. Pemain diminta untuk membantu Mr. Boulder kembali mendapatkan Wonderpanta.

Babol The Walking Box

The game is similar to Gamecom Team’s Crash Bandicoot from Indonesia, inviting players to help Babol to save the surrounding population from the threat of Dr. Magico, by passing through deserts, snowy mountains, and other interesting worlds.

Babol The Walking Box can be played on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

Epic Conquest 2

Lastly for those who like action-RPG genre games, this game is highly recommended. Try to increase the level of characters in this game by killing enemies whose level of strength is getting higher as the character’s skills increase.