Send Crypto Assets Via Telegram, See the Following Method

The instant messaging app, Telegram, now allows users to send crypto assets through its service in the form of Toncoin, a crypto asset built on Telegram’s Blockchain effort.

Toncoin comes from TON (The Open Network) and transfer transactions between users via Telegram are likely to take place at no additional cost.

The way crypto asset delivery transactions work on Telegram requires the user to be connected to the Telegram Wallet bot then the user can go to the “Your attachment” option, then after that the user can select the “Buy Crypto Assets by card, exchange, or transfer to another wallet” option.

When you want to send crypto assets, you can take them from the Telegram e-wallet then enter the amount of assets you want to trade after that select the “Send” option.

Other users will immediately receive the Toncoins that you send via chat on Telegram.

Apparently, this Toncoin is one of Telegram’s continuations in developing its crypto asset operations, which in 2020 closed its services as a result of pressure from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The initial project, originally known as Telegram Open Network (TON), was developed by Telegram CEO Pavel Durov and his colleague Nikolai in 2018.

However, upon release, the project was requested to be suspended by the SEC because Telegram failed to register its US$1.7 billion sale in its Pre-initial Coin Offering (ICO) section.

Even though Telegram has left, other developers are trying to maintain the blockchain and turn it into a new version of The Open Network (TON).

It is not yet known whether this service is also available in Indonesia but it seems that it can be used by users in Europe and the United States (US).