Song Joong Ki: Brand Ambassadors of Indonesian Products (Scarlett)

South Korean artists have a huge appeal in Indonesia, so many young Indonesians are big fans of korean artists.

With this, many local products are competing to collaborate with Korean artists to become advertising stars.

In addition to being an advertising star, one of the rows of Korean artists is also appointed as a brand ambassador of local products.

Owner Scarlett Whitening is now talked about until it was trending on Twitter.

Because he collaborated with Song Joong Ki to be a brand ambassador of his beauty products.

And now Song Joong Ki has officially become the brand ambassador of Scarlett Whitening Indonesia owned by Felicya Angelista.

Felicya feels very happy to collaborate directly with her idol, hoping this collaboration can further strengthen Scarlett’s reputation.

Not only that, he also explained that Song Joong-ki has tried and felt the benefits of Scarlett.

“We are thrilled to announce Scarlett’s latest collaboration with Song Joong-ki. We hope this collaboration can further strengthen Scarlett’s reputation as a local brand from Indonesia that has high quality, and suitable for both Indonesians and international markets,” said Felicya Angelista, as the owner of Scarlett.

In line with Felicya, Song Joong-ki also confirmed to have tried a variant of Scarlett and felt the benefits.

“I’ve tried Scarlett’s products and loved them so much, which is why I agreed to collaborate further. Three of my favorite Scarlett products are Body Scrub Coffee, Shower Scrub Coffee and Body Lotion Jolly,” song Joong-ki said.

It’s not just Song Joong-ki. In fact, the Scarlett Body Care treatment variant has so far always been the best-selling product range in Indonesia.

Especially since the launch of Coffee Edition in the form of body scrub and shower scrub, the demand for this edition of coffee continues to increase significantly, even in the midst of pandemics and PPKM that are still ongoing.

Not only that, Song Joong-ki also really sorts out brands to collaborate, this is also what he applies to Scarlett.

“I see that Scarlett’s products have a very good reputation and quality, including in terms of branding, so the potential is huge to continue to grow in the long term,” song Joong-ki added.


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