South Sumatra Police Successfully Failed the Smuggling of 114 Protected Animals Worth Rp 1.3 Billion

South Sumatra Police managed to uncover the smuggling case of 114 protected animals from Eastern Indonesia with overseas destinations worth Rp1.3 billion.

The disclosure comes after police tracked the owner of evidence of a Hi Ace brand pick-up car numbered police B-7084-TDB that the perpetrator used to transport the protected animals.

“We already know the name of the owner of the B-7084-TDB car. This week we are called then after that it will be known who the alleged perpetrators,” said Kasubdit IV Tipidter Ditreskrimsus Polda Sumsel AKBP Rahmat Sihotang, Wednesday (06/10/21).

According to the Middle Officer of South Sumatra Police najwa the results of the development of the investigation are known the owner of the pick-up car domiciled in Jakarta.

Call the concerned to be asked for information, until it is known the identity of the rider who transported the protected animals.

“The owner checked if it was true that the car had him or if there was a rental process. If there is a rent to whom, where is the destination. We make sure this investigation continues until the identity of the perpetrator is revealed,” said AKBP Rahmat Sihotang.

Information from the owner of the car became an important capital to uncover the case of alleged criminal acts of smuggling protected animals.

On the findings, it directly coordinates with the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) of South Sumatra so that follow-up can be done.

The information gathered, the city of Palembang only becomes a crossing. The animals are thought to be transported to North Sumatra and then smuggled into Thailand.

In this case it is suspected that there are three perpetrators who are currently investigating the truth officer.

Meanwhile, of the 114 animals there are 65 that have been translocated to their natural habitat in three areas in Eastern Indonesia (Papua, West Papua, Maluku).