Squid Game Makes Big Traffic Surge, South Korean Internet Service Provider Sues Netflix

SK Broadband, a South Korean internet service provider, filed a lawsuit against Netflix. The reason, because of the traffic on the SK network that increased drastically with the viral show “Squid Game” on the film player platform.

The lawsuit filed by SK is asking that Netflix pay bandwidth costs and maintenance costs that rise, due to the increase in data traffic.

SK Broadband claimed total data traffic flowing to Netflix was 1.2 Tbps in September.

Bandwidth to access Netflix is usually directed abroad first, because there is no content delivery network (CDN) server in a country.

The cost of bandwidth that “rotates” first abroad is expensive, and is usually borne by the ISP itself, as has happened in Indonesia, experienced by Telkom ISPs.

Regarding this lawsuit, Netflix said it will review the claims filed by SK Broadband. It will also continue to open dialogue and explore cooperation with SK Broadband to ensure a smooth streaming experience for its customers.

SK Broadband is not just suing Netflix. In 2019, SK Broadband also filed a lawsuit with the Korean Communications Commission to make Netflix and YouTube pay for the use of their networks.

SK Broadband claims Netflix accounted for five percent of South Korea’s data traffic in the fourth quarter of 2020. Netflix owes $23 million in network usage costs by 2020.

In June 2020, a court ruled in favor of South Korean ISP companies and asked Netflix and similar apps to pay some compensation for dealing with data traffic issues.

Netflix is appealing and litigation is expected to begin in December 2021.

Squid Game

Squid Game tells the story of hundreds of people who experience economic difficulties and get hope to improve their fortunes through games worth billions of won.

It is also the same as the economic hardship felt by many people during pandemic times.

Stories and conflicts that illustrate the reality of life, make the audience seem to be brought into the squid game story.