U.S. and Indonesia Work Together to Provide Job Training to Disability Groups

Indonesia’s recent achievements in developing more inclusive employment for vulnerable groups, including young people, people with disabilities, and women are appreciated by the United States.

This was conveyed by Deputy U.S. Ambassador Michael F. Kleine and USAID at a national labor conference on Wednesday, October 6 2021.

Kleine said in a written statement that the United States is committed to helping Indonesia strengthen human resources and increase labor productivity.

Over the past five years, USAID has partnered with Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower to equip young people from vulnerable and low-income groups with skills so they can contribute to the Indonesian economy and be ready to compete in the job market.

Getting a job is important for someone. Work can also help individuals become active contributors to the economy. But this process is not easy for people with disabilities, young people, and women because of discrimination.

To overcome barriers to entering the labor market, USAID is partnering with the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower to improve the skills of job seekers and expand internship opportunities through the Job Training Center.

In a national employment conference entitled “An Inclusive Employment and Entrepreneurship Initiative”, USAID revealed that through the incentives disbursed, USAID has created a job market platform that can connect employers and job seekers. To date, 425 instructors from 234 Work Training Centers in Java Have also benefited from training programs funded by USAID.

Employment Minister Ida Fauziah said inclusivity was a constitutional mandate. Indonesia is working with various parties to create an inclusive labor and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

One of the things that must be improved is to provide the widest access for vulnerable groups such as poor youth, women and people with disabilities to get skill training, improve skills, or new skills.

That way, they have the opportunity to get a good job, or have a business.