Wahana Kampung Drenges (WKD) Apply the Concept of Free Tourism in Bojonegoro Indonesia

Wahana Kampung Drenges (WKD) is located in Drenges Village, Sugihwaras Subdistrict, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java. Kampung Drenges implements the concept of free travel duties in its management plan. Visitors are free to enter the attraction free of charge.

Source: IG @kampoengdrenges

WKD owner, Prasetyo Handriyanto explained, the free concept applied does not mean his tourist attraction does not have income. Because financial resources are taken from rides and oultet various types of culinary available.

“Starting from the parking lot to the location of the tourist attraction we are free, because the operational costs are taken from the sale of their own stand,” said Kampung Drenges owner Prasetyo Handriyanto.

All culinary products in the stand from upstream to downstream belong to WKD itself. For example, oyster mushroom satay that becomes the mainstay culinary of this tour comes from the cultivation of oysters that he manages.

The concept of eduwisata, Kampoeng Drenges is ready to offer a variety of fun holiday experiences for its visitors. To eliminate fatigue, visitors can take advantage of facilities such as swimming pools, outbound venues, playing fields, etc.

In the future, the owner hopes kampoeng Drenges can continue to innovate and maintain the existing potential. In terms of development, the manager plans to build a Villa and Campground to increase the appeal of Kampoeng Drenges.

In addition, there are plans to manage Kali Kedung Nglantung. The presence of rocks around the river that is still natural is considered interesting enough to change the area as a new tourist attraction.


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