West Kalimantan Police Raid Online Loan Office

West Kalimantan Police raided the online loan office or pinjol, PT SRD, located in Jalan Veteran, Kelurahan Benua Melayu Darat, South Pontianak Subdistrict, Pontianak City, Kalbar, Friday (15/10).

During the raid, police secured 14 people suspected of being employees who ran illegal businesses in the Pontianak city area.

Director of The General Criminal Reserse of The Kalbar Police Kombes Luthfie Sulistiawan said the raids of the illegal pinjol company started from community reports.

“We received reports from the community of a house allegedly used as an online loan office that threatened safety and has harmed many people,” he said in Pontianak, Saturday (16/10).

Following up on the report, the Kalbar Police Ditreskrimum raided the offices of PT SRD and found the employees were doing their jobs.

“There are 14 employees of PT SRD,” said the police officer.

According to Luthfie, those arrested were mostly serving as operators as well as desk collection (Deskcoll).

He further said it had secured several items of evidence, including 22 laptop units, 22 mobile phones, nine computer CPU units, seven SIM cards, three modems, and documents related to pinjol.

Based on the results of the examination, Luthfi said, it is known that the company has 14 applications that are not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so it is declared illegal.

According to him, the company, which was established since December 2020, has 66 active employees, and 1,600 customers.

“From the results of the temporary examination, the turnover of money generated from illegal online lending practices reached Rp 3.25 billion,” he said.

Luthfie reminded residents not easily tempted by the offer of illegal pinjol, because there are already many victims from the community who are harmed.

“Do not be easily tempted by this fintech offer, initially they offer a good offer, but then ensnare its customers,” he concluded.


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