What is Google API (Application Programming Interface)?

Google provides various APIs (Application Programming Interface) that are very useful for web developers and desktop applications to take advantage of various features provided by Google such as: AdSense, Search Engine, Translation and YouTube.

API can simply be interpreted as program code which is an interface or link between the application or web that we create and the functions that are done.

In this case Google API means a program code (simplified) that we can add to our application or web to access / run / utilize the functions or features provided by Google. For example, we can add Google Map features on our website.

Google APIs can be learned directly through Google Code. Through Google Code we can learn about Google APIs and can implement them on web applications or websites that we develop.

There are many APIs provided by Google, some of which are:

Language API: to take advantage of Google’s translation features.
Earth API: mandates features on Google Earth
Javascript API
Maps API: take advantage of features on Google Maps
Search API: take advantage of the search feature on Google Search
Visualization API: create charts and charts with Google API
YouTube API: take advantage of features that exist on YouTube for example for video search

One easy way to learn Google APIs is to take advantage of Google AJAX APIs Playground. AJAX APIs playground is a site provided by Google for us to try directly a number of Google APIS based on AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML). Because it is based on AJAX, of course, all the program code in javascript syntax that we can see, coffee and paste directly for use on our website.

Advantages of Using APIs


Programmers who use APIs can run their programs in any operating system as long as they have installed the API. While the system callberbed between operating systems, with notes in its implementation may be different.

Easier to understand

APIs use a more structured and easy-to-understand language than system call languages. This is very important in terms of editing and development.

APIs can Control Hardware and Software Access

Who would have thought, the API can also be used to control access to the hardware and software of a platform. Suppose, you are playing games on android.

Have you ever seen a notification, where the game asks for access to a smartphone camera? (Pokemon GO) or ask for access to see the position of your GPS, can also ask for access to phone contacts, gallery, and can even exceed the remaining percentage of battery and the remaining amount of storage on your smartphone.

The API system created by Google to Android, allows developers to access it all. But this is where the role of a trusted developer is needed.

If you arbitrarily give access to recalcitrant developers, like to collect people’s data to sell, then you must be more careful when using applications from fraudulent developers. Because it could be, your data such as contacts, smartphone brands, photo photos, locations can be tracked by the malicious developer.

We even often hear news about pokemon GO games, which are said to be used as a tool to stalk people’s homes by a group of people. Outside the role of this API in android? It’s just android, there are many more examples.