WhatsApp Down, New Telegram Users Add 70 Million

Whenever WhatsApp is in trouble, the Telegram chat application which in fact is a competitor seems to always get new users. The latest error that lasted 8 hours on Monday night to Tuesday morning this week was no exception.

According to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, at least 70 million new users joined Telegram on the same day that WhatsApp collapsed along with its two brothers, Instagram and Facebook.

“Telegram’s daily growth rate jumped high from its largest order, and we welcomed more than 70 million refugees from other platforms in just one day,” Durov said.

Durov explained that some older users may experience a decrease in speed due to the presence of millions of new users who sign up for Telegram at the same time.

However, as compiled by matamatadot.com from the Android Authority, Thursday (07/10/2021), the short messaging application service is not affected and can still work normally.

Telegram was flooded with new users earlier this year after WhatsApp announced changes to its privacy policy that sparked controversy.

When WhatsApp collapsed in early 2019, Telegram also harvested users. At that time Pavel Durov said that his chat service often gets new users when there are similar services that experience disruption.

Monday’s incident was one of the worst disruptions ever experienced by Facebook Inc., including WhatsApp in it.

Santosh Janardhan, VP Infrastructure at Facebook, explained that the disruption was caused by an error in providing command to Facebook’s system, which actually subverted the backbone of Facebook’s network around the world.


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