Yogyakarta City Encourages Cultural Arts Tourism Through Hanacaraka Musical Drama

Yogyakarta City Government will hold a musical drama Hanacaraka to laugh at the world of performances in the period of the enactment of Restrictions on Community Activities or PPKM Level 4. From August 12 to September 15, 2021, people can audition to take part in the show.

Head of Yogyakarta City Cultural Office, Yetti Martanti said hanacaraka musical drama became the new agenda of Yogyakarya City to evoke the pulse of the event that became a tourist buffer.

“The theme is based on literature that is not just a text, but in the form of a slick show,” said Yetti Martanti on Sunday, August 22, 2021.

Yogyakarta City Government collaborated with filmmaker Garin Nugroho to work on the musical drama Hanacarakan. Currently, they still need talent in the fields of music, dance, acting, and Javanese.

Yetti hopes that hanacaraka’s musicization event will be a disarming to restore the pulse of art and performance events that are suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During pagebluk and the government enacted PPKM, there were almost no festivals and performing arts in Yogyakarta. The government is focused on tackling Covid-19 and how to help entrepreneurs in various sectors survive. Yetti hopes this condition does not make people forget about cultural and literary arts.

“This event is also an implementation of Literary Festival activities with the direction of coaching and development of language and literature,” he said. The musical Hanacaraka will air virtually in October 2021.

The cast were those selected in the audition selected by Garin Nugroho’s creative team as director and artist Paksi Raras Alit.

In addition to musical drama, the selected participants also participated in workshops, virtual literary exhibitions, and literary performances. Yetti said the audition was open to Yogyakarta city residents of various ages.

There are two target participants, namely the general category as evidenced by identity cards, family cards, or children’s identity cards. You can also use a certificate of domicile of art sanggar or art community in Yogyakarta City.

People who want to audition are only asked to submit a video recording of their work. In the video recording, the auditionees can show their abilities, whether singing songs, dancing, acting with Javanese dialogue, playing music, and more.

Government Secretary in Yogyakarta, Kadarmanta Baskara Aji said the development of Covid-19 cases is still very volatile. He pointed out, in one day new cases only increased by about 600s, but the next day it was back in the top thousand, and the day after tomorrow dropped again below a thousand cases.

“Indeed, there is now a downward trend in Covid-19 cases, but the confirmed ones are still fluctuating around a thousand cases per day,” Aji said.

The Governor of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X regulated restrictions on community activities during PPKM through the Instruction of the Governor of Yogyakarta Number 23/Instrs/2021. In it, all cultural, sports, and social arts activities cannot operate as long as PPKM Level 4 is still valid. “The location of art, culture, sports facilities, and social activities that can cause crowds and crowds to be temporarily closed,” Sultan said.